Legenday Sailboats  

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Legendary Sailboats
Pictorial Book

Legendary Sail Boats

Foreword by Kenneth Beken & Text by Bruno Cianci

Signed copies £35.00

“The Sea, Sailing & Photography:~ three elements & an irresistible combination.
The History of Sailing Photography since its earliest beginnings, has been linked
to the Beken family...they developed and refined a technique that in just a few
years would make them & their photographs renowned in the Sailing World”.

“This volume spans some 50 years from a time when yachts were at their most fair & aesthetically picturesque, being pleasing to the eye and camera lens. Each has etched
themselves into the History of Yachting with a grace & beauty that few can ignore”.

£35 collect from Cowes,  £50 incl.UK courier,  £55 incl.EU mail,  £75 incl.World mail


Collect from Cowes store £35.00
Including UK Delivery £50.00
Including EU Delivery £55.00
Including World Delivery £75.00

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